A frequent speaker at universities and public forums, I'm most often asked to share my reflections at the intersection of design, technology, culture, and diversity + inclusion.

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Previous audiences include SFMOMA, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, DePaul University, Segal Design Institute, Columbia College, General Assembly, WebVisions, RGD Ontario and many others. Topics are wide ranging:

Previous Engagements

“Definition, Ideation, and Prototyping through a Social Impact & Equity Lens” — Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise & Responsibility

“National Honor Society Keynote” — D214

“Design Nation 2020” — Princeton University Business Today

“Storytelling for Experience Design” — Shopify

“The Pipeline Problem is a Myth: Black and Brown Creatives Exist—I Am One of Them” — Collaborative Gain

“What Does It Mean To Be a Parent (In the Pandemic)?” — Glappitnova 

“Complex: Navigating Life, Design, and Identity” — Inclusive Design Toronto

“Design Ethics Roundtable” — AIGA Chicago

“Episode 65: Soil” – Opposable Thumbs Podcast 

“Diversity in Design Mentor Group” — AIGA Chicago

“CIW: Biggest Mistake Night 2019” — Chicago Ideas

“First Fridays: Hispanic Heritage Month” — VSA Partners

“With Great Power: Design Ethics + User Experience” — Designation 

“Always On Session: Digital Marketing” — Dockers  × WeWork 

“Designing Beyond Empathy” – IDSA

“Introduction to the Chicago Design Community” – General Assembly

“Cultivating Diversity in Design & Technology” – Design Tech

“Activism Technology” – WebVisions 

“Building Diverse Communities” – Glappitnova

“Empathy × Design” – Creative Mornings Chicago

“Design for Good: Healthcare” – AIGA Chicago

“Storytelling for Startups” – Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

“Life in βeta” – Weapons of Mass Creation Fest

“Episode 204: A Wonderful World of Random Stuff” – Adventures in Design Podcast with Mark Brickey

“Protesting and Activism In The Informational Age” – Glappitnova

“Community Conversations: Diversity in the Creative Industry” – AIGA Chicago

“Creative Culture” – ChiPD: Chicago Product Designers

“Building Networks of Generosity” – Design For America

“How To Get That Gig” – Hike Con

“Weapons Declassified: Race & Culture in Design” – Weapons of Mass Creation Fest

“Storymaking” – GoodWork Chicago

“Psychographics + Journey Maps” – SFMOMA

“Innovation × Interaction” – HCID Connect

“Design for Social Change” – Designers Accord Town Hall Meeting

“Pro Tips & Developing a POV” – AIGA St. Louis Student Conference

“Authenticity × Design: Communicating Across (sub)Cultures” – RGD

“Creative Stimulus” – AIGA Jacksonville