Side Projects

A highly-curated collection of 🆓 resources for creatives.
If you find them helpful (or have a suggestion to add) please let me know.

Design Leadership
From design studios and software consultancies to national agencies and global innovation labs, I’ve been building and leading design teams for over a decade. This resource is for brand new managers and seasoned design leaders alike. Topics include: culture, mentorship, remote teams, and time management.

Design Thinking
Creative problem solving begins with a designer’s mindset. This is a resource of my favorite tools, frameworks, design kits, and techniques from a roster of human-centered design studios and consultancies I continue to learn from.

Design, Innovation + Social Impact

Looking for world-class creatives in service of socially-driven clients and the mission economy? Here’s my shortlist of the innovators and instigators I respect most.

Design 101
Curious about design fundamentals like typography, color, layout, and imagery? What about design principles? Or tools and techniques for user testing? This Dropmark provides a regularly updated lineup of articles, blogs, podcasts, reports, and videos all about the core concepts of design. This content was original created as a resource for my MBA and graduate-level engineering students.