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Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to me. Before we talk, I’d like to hear about your commitment to all three:

  • How have you worked to make DEI a value for your organization, and how is this communicated? 
  • Where can I find your Code of Conduct?
  • Has the event staff been coached on Code of Conduct enforcement and do you have a response guide?
  • How many members of underrepresented groups—including, but not limited to women, LGBTQ+, black, Latinx, people with disabilities and people facing economic or social hardships—will be presenting at the event?
  • What’s your accessibility policy?
  • How diverse is your staff and target audience?
  • Do you offer any scholarship program with free tickets given out to individuals from underrepresented groups, who couldn’t attend otherwise?

I only partake in conferences and events with at least 40% women speaking, including representation of women of color in the lineup. I believe it’s necessary to speak up against the exclusionary nature of the design and tech industry and this is one way of doing so.

Inspired to collaborate with someone else? Please check out: Latinxs Who Design, Blacks Who Design, People of CraftQueer Design Club, Women Who Design, Women Who Draw, or Margins.

Still interested? Hire me to speak at your conference/event.

This inclusion rider borrows heavily from the writings of Karolina Szczur.