A leadership mission

Why does design leadership feel so lonely? The path to leading is often a solo endeavor. And the higher we climb, the fewer peers and role models there are to learn from. Add to this the fact that leadership is rarely taught as part of design training and its no wonder so few creative people successfully make the leap from individual contributor to design executive.

But there is strength in numbers.

It’s my leadership mission to make more great leaders—building capacity and equipping people to lead at any level—and to do so with empathy, curiosity, and creativity.

Over the years, I’ve been incredibly lucky to receive career-altering mentorship from many incredible managers, leaders, and professional coaches (and still do today!) and I aim to do the same for next gen creatives and design leaders on the rise.

Working together

As my client, I will use three modes to support you in your transition from “master of craft” to “leader of people”:

1_Coach Mode
In this mode, I act as a sounding board to help you unlock inherent potential and power. I’ll push you to dig deep and find the answers from within yourself—through a combination of active listening and Socratic questions.

2_Mentor Mode
In this mode, I share personal and professional experiences I believe you’ll find relevant and illuminating to the matter at hand. My past learnings offer perspective and framing which can be applied to solving your own similiar challenges.

3_Advisor Mode
Even the most ambitious and confident clients sometimes just want to be told how to navigate a situation! In this mode, I will be prescriptive and direct in my advice, offering resources and step-by-step methods.

As my client, you’re in control of the mode, topic, and pace. I will move fluidly between them in real-time as our conversations unfold—letting empathy and our lived experiences guide the relationship.

Topics of interest

Whether you’re managing one direct report or running an entire design department, I’m eager to share what I’ve learned and ready to help you find ways to grow as a leader. In just the last few months, I've helped clients:

  • Develop their leadership style and philosophy
  • Manage their time and energy like a boss
  • Create conditions for doing stronger creative work
  • Cultivate a culture of critique
  • Divise design principles that galvanize their team
  • Build diverse and inclusive creative teams
  • Evolve their team’s practice and capability
  • Uncover their guiding north star and rallying cry  

Investing in yourself and your career

If you’re interested in...

  • Real-world contextual learning, scenario-based coaching, actionable feedback, thoughtful discussion, and deep self-reflection

  • Exploring (and defining) what being an authentic design leader means to you while cultivating the kind of company culture and psychological safety where people thrive

  • Mentorship and support from someone who has been there before and who can help you navigate the dynamics and challenges of people management

...I believe we could be a great fit!

To know for sure, please consider taking some time to complete this client profile. If nothing else, you’ll have a well-articulated framing of where you are today as a design leader. This awareness can be powerful all on its own!

Pricing and availability

I firmly believe investing in your growth and development as an creative leader is invaluable. My aim is to provide you with the support and guidance you need to overcome challenges, achieve your goals, and excel in your role.

One-hour sessions are $300 payable via Venmo or PayPal.

I also firmly believe high-quality, culturally-relevant mentorship should be accessible to individuals at all income levels. To ensure inclusivity and accommodate a wide range of budgets, I offer a sliding scale fee structure. If my standard fee is not within your means, let’s work together to determine one that could be.

Providing a superior client experience means dedicating ample time and attention to each client to ensure their growth and development. My client focus and limited availability allows me to maintain the highest standards of mentorship and deliver the best possible results to those I work with. I appreciate your understanding should I be at capacity when you reach out.

About me

With 20+ years of experience in small studios, in-house teams, mid-size consultancies, and large agencies, I know what it takes to cultivate company culture, build and lead high-performing teams, and help creative leaders reach their career goals.

In addition to my indepedent private practice, my formal mentoring experience includes volunteering with AIGA Chicago’s Design Leadership Mentor Program, as a Super Mentor for 1871’s WMNtech Leaders, and as Designer in Residence at Northwestern University’s Segal Design Institute.

Client testimonials are available upon request.